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Combine Feng Shui furniture and placement,
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Locate your favorite items, art, and Feng Shui products in personalized Feng Shui Bagua Map areas which includes consistent results from House Astrology and Flying Star Feng Shui placement.

Apply the 5 Elements, the most-valuable "Feng Shui Cures" and your special Feng Shui number.

Have Good Feng Shui NOW, (not just with "good luck").

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Move a few Feng Shui symbols every Month and Year to maximize your Chinese Feng Shui TODAY!

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This is a comprehensive, Feng Shui Mastery lesson.
It was written to be read in its entirety, as I believe that it contains
more than what some Feng Shui consultants know!

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Jami Lin's Personal Chi

feng shui garden

Jami Lin's Personal Chi (about Jami Lin)

I believe that consistency, reputation, and integrity are the most important values.

Like you, when I use the web for knowledge, products, and services,
I want to know that there is a real person that cares within the cyberspace.

I am a real person.

I care about you and that you know the truth about
REAL Feng Shui.

I am an inquisitive person, and even at my age,
still, I am filled with innocent wonder.

I am intrigued by life and intuitively know that the quantum science of Creation is at the root of all things. I want to understand the science of how and why "things" work.

I NEED to know why Feng Shui works.


I love tending my garden and experiencing universal energy.
The souls of the plants grow, evolve, and express their beauty through the cycles of nature and time.

With more that 20 years of Feng Shui experience,
I practice everything I recommend!


I built an entire house, from the earth up,
with everything that YOU
can learn on my site and from me.

From concept, land & space clearing, construction, faux finishes, special lighting,
hanging art, and nurturing "Feng Shui garden"

I've also discovered that universal energy is the soul of Life, and of course,
Feng Shui. Feng Shui applies universal energy assisting to create your greatest potential through the perfection of nature.

Yes, Feng Shui changed my life. Sometimes Feng Shui cause-and-effect is immediate but it is not a magic pill, but....

Real Feng Shui is consistent, as every natural law is consistent, and cycles with time. It is natural: When a seed falls to the ground, it will grow to produce new seeds. It is law.

Do you like my soap-box pose?

I am soap-box passionate about
dismissing Feng Shui misnomers.

Feng Shui Tip-i-poos, as I call them,
do not have the
result-oriented consistency
of the natural laws

Tip-i-poos reduce trust in the consistent science of Feng Shui.

Tip-i-poos diminish universal truths that you can count on such as absolute trust in knowing that the sun will rise tomorrow or a planted seed will grow.

I stake my reputation on absolute trust
that the sun will rise tomorrow and
that REAL Feng Shui works!

I invite you to grow seeds.


The quantum science of Creation
Here's the shortest and most credible explanation I have thus far found.

"When atomic nuclei smash together, physicists hope to create
states of matter abundant only during the first instants of the universe.
The particle they seek is the so-called God particle.
It is the missing evidence in a theory that explains the basic
characteristic of the universe: how fundamental particles acquire mass."
~Joel Achenbach, National Geographic -- March 2008

quantum science

Jami's simple translation
(and how I'll teach you REAL Feng Shui Mastery):

  • Mass: Stuff you can touch.
    Home-stuff (or office stuff): furniture, color, accessories, pictures

  • God particle: The energy or conscious intelligence that is the source of mass and Feng Shui results
    (according to the "placement of home-stuff")

  • Good Feng Shui: Organize home-stuff (mass) according to the perfection of Natural Law.

Color Alchemy is rooted in the "quantum science of God" too.
Color is the Source of Creation (explained in Color Alchemy chapter 2).


you won't find elsewhere!


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