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Combine Feng Shui furniture and placement,
in each Feng Shui room with your Feng Shui direction, Feng Shui colors, and Five Elements in masterful Feng Shui Design ways.

Locate your favorite items, art, and Feng Shui products in personalized Feng Shui Bagua Map areas which includes consistent results from House Astrology and Flying Star Feng Shui placement.

Apply the 5 Elements, the most-valuable "Feng Shui Cures" and your special Feng Shui number.

Have Good Feng Shui NOW, (not just with "good luck").

Use Priceless Forecasting, Space Clearing, and your Personal Chi!

Move a few Feng Shui symbols every Month and Year to maximize your Chinese Feng Shui TODAY!

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This is a comprehensive, Feng Shui Mastery lesson.
It was written to be read in its entirety, as I believe that it contains
more than what some Feng Shui consultants know!

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Feng Shui Tips
Nuggets or Gems?

feng shui garden


Nuggets or Gems??

Over the years, and at every opportunity, I've studied with Feng Shui masters, sat in the back row of classes (when invited to speak at international conferences), and scanned hundreds of "experts'" sites, books, and offerings.

Over and over again, I've personally witnessed the huge difference between

Feng Shui Crystal

chiseling out the
"nuggets in-between the filler"

...assuming there were hidden gems


Feng Shui Crystal
Jamming with gems!

I jam with Gems

...and I hopefully proved the difference to you with priceless gems in this piece (and I encourage you to study it -- it's jammed!),


On my site, I happily share Thousands of Free Feng Shui Tips to give you an excellent Feng Shui start. I have articles along with FREE Color Alchemy and
Feng Shui courses that explain how to combine ALL Feng Shui aspects into Mastery.

And more Gems...

Feng sui
Feng Shui Today
video & PBS pilot

I've been sharing good Feng Shui
with you since 1995 when
Feng Shui Today
(book & video) were featured by the
Book-of-the-Month Club.

Why? Because I am passionate about what Feng Shui does for me,
my students and clients.
I am thrilled because
I know you'll benefit with
REAL Feng Shui Mastery too!


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