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Combine Feng Shui furniture and placement,
in each Feng Shui room with your Feng Shui direction, Feng Shui colors, and Five Elements in masterful Feng Shui Design ways.

Locate your favorite items, art, and Feng Shui products in personalized Feng Shui Bagua Map areas which includes consistent results from House Astrology and Flying Star Feng Shui placement.

Apply the 5 Elements, the most-valuable "Feng Shui Cures" and your special Feng Shui number.

Have Good Feng Shui NOW, (not just with "good luck").

Use Priceless Forecasting, Space Clearing, and your Personal Chi!

Move a few Feng Shui symbols every Month and Year to maximize your Chinese Feng Shui TODAY!

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Have GOOD Feng Shui

Day, Month & Year!

This is a comprehensive, Feng Shui Mastery lesson.
It was written to be read in its entirety, as I believe that it contains
more than what some Feng Shui consultants know!

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Feng Shui Tips
About Feng Shui & Life

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Feng Shui & Life

If you've lived and you are honest with yourself, you already know this truth:
Life has great times and challenging times.

Life follows the laws of nature.
Winter can be challenging, yet spring is filled with great opportunities.

Remember how I promised to always tell you the truth,
here's the truth about Feng Shui...

Influenced by House Astrology, your home has either
GOOD Feng Shui, BAD Feng Shui,
or variables in between that influences your day-by-day experience.

The 5 aspects of REAL Feng Shui

Simplified...Feng Shui masters incorporate 5 aspects:
(and I offer all the tools you need!)

1. Cycles of Time or "House Astrology" (Flying Star Feng Shui)

     • What Natal Energies are in your house?
           Change Destiny: Feng Shui with your Personal Success Map

     • What is your YEARLY Feng Shui: House Astrology? (free sample)
             Change Destiny: Move a few favorite accessories every Year
             only 1-2 hours with your Custom Yearly Success Map

     • What is your MONTHLY Feng Shui: House Astrology? (free sample)
             Change Destiny: Move 1-2 table-top accessories every Month
             only 5 minutes with your Custom Monthly Success Map

     • What is your Daily Feng Shui: House Astrology ? (free sample)
             Change Destiny: Plan your day with Custom Daily Success Map
2. Location of your house with other external influences
     • Man-made: other structures, streets, water features
     • Natural: rivers/lakes, topographical forms, plants/animals, air currents
            •Learn more:      Home Study Mastery & Certification Course
                                      Feng Shui Today: Book & E-Book (immediate access)
3. Design of your house
     • Architecture, room locations, floor plan, exterior colors
            •Learn more:      Home Study Mastery & Certification Course
                                      Feng Shui Today: Book & E-Book (immediate access)
4. Interiors
     • Furniture, accessories and art position/selection, colors/materials, lighting
            •Learn more:      Home Study Mastery & Certification Course
                                      Feng Shui Today: Book & E-Book (immediate access)
5. Occupants
     • Their birthdays, the rooms they occupy and facing direction of furniture
            •Learn more:      Home Study Mastery & Certification Course
                                      Personal Success Maps

REAL Feng Shui Benefits

Good Feng Shui (with Mastery Levels) provides more opportunities for great times than it does for challenging times. Still, as in life, there are bumps in the road.

Good Feng Shui is like walking on a smoothly-paved path with gentle curves.
Life flows freely with lots of opportunities and rewards.
Of course, there will still be challenges, but "finding your way" is much easier.

BOUNUS: Feng Shui consultations with Jami Lin, with her +30 years experience, you get Interior Decorating and Design tips too!

Bad Feng Shui is like walking on a dark, rocky road with convoluted turns.
Life requires more effort and careful navigation to not twist an ankle. There are more challenges and obstacles, fewer opportunities, and lesser rewards.

Learn Good Feng Shui

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