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Valuable REAL Estate

Clear Clutter

Combine Feng Shui furniture and placement,
in each Feng Shui room with your Feng Shui direction, Feng Shui colors, and Five Elements in masterful Feng Shui Design ways.

Locate your favorite items, art, and Feng Shui products in personalized Feng Shui Bagua Map areas which includes consistent results from House Astrology and Flying Star Feng Shui placement.

Apply the 5 Elements, the most-valuable "Feng Shui Cures" and your special Feng Shui number.

Have Good Feng Shui NOW, (not just with "good luck").

Use Priceless Forecasting, Space Clearing, and your Personal Chi!

Move a few Feng Shui symbols every Month and Year to maximize your Chinese Feng Shui TODAY!

Get it? NOW-Today!
Have GOOD Feng Shui

Day, Month & Year!

This is a comprehensive, Feng Shui Mastery lesson.
It was written to be read in its entirety, as I believe that it contains
more than what some Feng Shui consultants know!

Enjoy my videos and secrets I teach in my $2,800 class

Feng Shui Tips
Mastery vs. Misconception

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Mastery vs. Misconception

There are 3 Feng Shui levels:

Beginner, Expert, and Mastery

Modest Investment in YOU!

I teach the ALL holistic levels of Feng Shui Mastery
I do not teach"Popular" Feng Shui Misconceptions

"Popular" Feng Shui:
"Popular" Feng Shui is a great beginning but
go the distance and GET GREAT RESULTS!
There are also four really important
Mastery vs. "Popular" Misconceptions
you need to understand between.

popularized, hit-or-miss
Feng Shui
Feng Shui Mastery

1. Feng Shui is not static.
Feng Shui changes every year, month, and day.

Just like every day is different, every sunrise is different, and the stars that influence your personal astrology...

House Astrology

See Better Times, complimentary Daily, Monthly and/or Yearly Success Maps, and Mastery lesson to learn about the most effective Feng Shui Mastery.

Like I said, the Beginner Bagua is an excellent place to start,
but it is not complete Feng Shui Mastery.

2. There is not ONE Bagua map that is generic to everyone.

If you moved in your home (or office) between 1923-2023, there are over 2000 Bagua Maps and ONLY 1 is customized
to you and your home.

It is called a Personal Success Map

Let me explain...

There are 3 different energies
that need to be evaluated in each
Feng Shui corner
or Feng Shui direction.

Bagua Map

Life Aspirations: You may be familiar with this collection of energies.
Each compass direction* has an energy such Love, Wealth, Career, Fame, and so on. It is a popular misconception that these are the only energies that exist in each Feng Shui corner of the Bagua Map.

But Feng Shui Mastery is NOT just putting Chinese Coins or any other wealth Symbol in the "Wealth Corner" or putting a pair of Mandarin Ducks in the "Marriage Corner."

You need to include and remedy the deeper energies that have a far greater, profound influence...


Flying Stars or the Natal Energy of your house: This aspect is similar to an astrology chart according to the time you were born. For Feng Shui, this chart is based upon when you moved in.

How would you expect the Life Aspirations to work if:

Marriage Corner is it filled with Flying Star arguing and bickering (and if not reduced, adding love birds many never reduce arguing!)

Conversely, if the Marriage Corner has Flying Star longevity, its a wonderful energy to enhance and adds power to the Love - Life Aspirations)


Wealth Corner is it filled with Flying Star bankruptcy and lawsuits (and if not reduced, Chinese Coins may never load up your bank account)

Conversely, if the Wealth Corner has Flying Star wealth and success to enhance, the coins will add to your money luck!


Best Personal Directions:

Defined by Kua or personal Feng Shui numbers, everyone has four good directions and four bad directions. Each good Feng Shui direction is based upon the element of your birth year and the relationship between the element of each direction.

Again, I give you the charts, so you don't get hung up with the math ;-)

This is fascinating and the BEST Feng Shui ever!!

When your Feng Shui direction with its roots in traditional Chinese medicine are evaluated with Natal Flying Stars and Yearly & Monthly Flying Stars, often during phone and site Feng Shui consultations, I see client's physical ailment and exactly when it peaked.


Feng Shui Forecasting is priceless!!

House Astrology
is the most valuable GEM
of Feng Shui Mastery

Priceless Forecasting
Feng Shui Forecasting & Predictions

Feng Shui allows you to prevent, reduce, and
(sometimes) eliminate BAD HAPPENINGS IN YOUR LIFE

Conversely, when you know Better Times
are coming, enhance your Feng Shui
to Maximize the Reward!

With REAL Feng Shui's profound forecasting, a Feng Shui consultant can pinpoint a BAD health, wealth, or love experience with the precise timing of a PAST Feng Shui cycle. This provides instant credibility to a Feng Shui consultation.

With confirmation of PAST experience, there is motivation and confidence to take action (by moving a few Feng Shui items)
to reduce and possibly eliminate the influence of BAD cycles in the FUTURE.

House Astrology is mathematical consistency and REAL Feng Shui.

Remember my hurricane story
(in Intuition & Intention section)?

3. Bagua Maps do NOT always face north,
as popularized, with the "Career Corner" at your front door.


Logic and awareness reveals how each direction has obviously different energies. Simply:

  • Doesn't a sunrise feel different than a sunset?
  • How can a house facing south (with hotter sun energies,
    feel like a house facing north (shaded from the sun's energies)?

    This is the exact hurtful, Bad Feng Shui cause-and-effect exampled in The New York Times article.
  • Feng Shui is based upon science and the energy of earth magnetics, compass direction is defined by earth magnetics.

4. There is no such thing as a Feng Shui cure.

Feng Shui manipulates energy.
Remember the quantum science of energy?

Energy cannot be cured!

Again, think logically!
Energy can only be harnessed,
enhanced or, reduced.

you won't find elsewhere!


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