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Jami's home: Co-creation in process
The Creator, the land, our helpful people, and me

Feng Shui Homes and Feng Shui Gardens are never finished.
Last quick revision: 2/11, not updated-got so many new pictures!
Articles: Sarasota Tribune & Venice Gondelier

In addition to your home's natural evolution, maintain good Feng Shui
by moving a few favorite items every Year and every Month

Page dedication

To Joel who knows where every nail
is located in this house!

Joel's famous words in reference to
"all things construction,"
I can do that!

We created a paradise!
Living in gratitude to love (great typo!) here!


Joel's Model
Wow, this is cool..and its all green!

The Elevations...I drew as part of design process

Shots June 2010...landscaping is growing!

Designed with from our Personal Success Bagua Map
and here it's overlaid with 2011 Yearly Success Map

The Land

pre-scrub clearing: careful of the tress!

No scrub
(look carefully, that's Joel and our best friend James -- who left: Nov 2008)
The Feng Shui & Conscious Living Journal
is dedicated to him

James' flamingos. NEVER in my wildest dreams would
I ever have plastic pink flamingos. Now I cherish them

With the scrub gone, we DO have a lake!
Our permit! Am I nuts to show you this...I am so excited!

Hope you can see the Myakka River from the 2nd story!

Space Clearing, Ritual & Ceremony

Honoring the trees, so careful to only remove those necessary

One of our sacred spots and treasures that we planted

We are Space Clearing and performing a "Creating Sacred Space" ritual

Sacred Geometry

Joel drawing the land, I'm pretending to know what I am looking at

Perfect precision with "ZZ top," Joel was only 3 inches off
Joel's a genius -- we think he helped build the pyramids
(with or without the sky people)...a few lifetimes ago.

Google Maps, is this awesome!?


Exterior Construction

Detail of the Permit

The blocks for the foundation

House in a box -- is this cool?


Tried to put these in order so you could experience the amazing process

These above "floating walls" rock my world!

OMG! You CAN see the Myakka River from the second floor!
So happy!


Potty bye-bye! YIPPEE, Indoor Plumbing!

Decks & Courtyards

Joel's genius. LOVE the geometry and hole for a special tree.


Helpful People

Joel: Tractor man
Perfect - until he broke a window with the tractor bucket, it could have been a door!
Hopefully that's the worse that happens along this amazing journey!

Studs in studs

Neighbors on dueling tractors -- is it a prerequisite to have a blue one?

Russ, "Russ the Plumber" (the way he answers the phone --cracks me up!)

The tub he got me for $200 and my shower (splurge!)

Interior Design

Space planning a round house is different than the tens-of-thousands
of SQUARE, square feet I've designed, I wanted to be 100% sure!

Detailing, every step of the way!

LOVING the ceiling-height volumes

The Stairs. Joel was genius to build railing from recycled materials
so we could get our C.O. As of this date, stairs are still raw wood.

Totally not fun. These boxes weight 37 pounds a piece.
Rather be diggin' holes for plant babies.

My Office

Move in day.

Beaded wall allows window panorama from 5 of the 8-foot panels
(that's 40 feet of window), yet "suggests" privacy -- so sweet! LOVE it!
Beads are not hung in this pic and still have "sheets" as window treatment.


I need to take more pictures for you and still need to "recycle" the window treatment (from old house) made from fabric brought in India--stunning!


These were 2 pictures I pasted together to be able to visualize the kitchen design.

Hummm, likey! Now to draw it and...

1. figure out the different heights so they are practical, functional, and look good!

2. detail the construction so it stands up!

move in day!


I did all of the faux finishing and a lot of the painting

"Recycled" existing furniture to make-it-work.
No, mirror isn't hung to reflect the toilet or bidet, that's BAD Feng Shui!

Kitchen. Splurged on the backsplash, it is stunning!


Living & Dining

Living Room needs art - taking it slow to find the right Feng Shui Symbols

Table is "first Thanksgiving," so much to be thankful for!
All table garnish was harvested from the garden, except the baby pumpkins

Favorite Accessories

Hand carried the disco ball ($1) and Mr. Dragon back from Thailand

That's me,
capturing the light being caught!



Joel hanging a fixture - look how high he is and the genius
of yellow ladder supporting silver ladder, as he couldn't lean it up against window.

The Hood

Alligator, Eagle and "Policeman with Pig" (no joke!) are on our property

House is NOT on fire, 1/2 block away, preservationists were doing controlled burn

Moon Illuminations

Feng Shui Garden: My sanctuary, my oasis, my joy!

Mowing yard at rental house while we were building.

Nope, NO GRASS in new digs!
I ain't mowing - let me dig!

Flower Power!

Glad I didn't have to move ALL the dirt!

James's garden pagodas
will have a special home soon.


Front Drive

Watering my babies, they'll go in the earth soon! And digging! And More digging!


Under Living Room Deck

Babies grew so much in just 2 months: Yippee!

Front Garden

Back Garden

Fruit Trees: Avocados, Mangos, Cherry, Banana, Orange, and YUM!

coming very soon!

Free mulch -- Yippee!

Renae Jensen, founder of Conscious Design, discuss Feng Shui, sacred geometry, numerology & design of Jami's home

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