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This is a comprehensive, Feng Shui Mastery lesson.
It was written to be read in its entirety, as I believe that it contains
more than what some Feng Shui consultants know!

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Feng Shui Tips
Intuition and Intention

feng shui garden

Intuition & Intention

I love how often Feng Shui results are immediate and based upon
(what should be) the obvious

intuitive Feng Shui

This is an example of
USING intuition & intention
with your Feng Shui

I started looking for an office helper and a few weeks went by with no luck. Why? He/she had no place to sit! The day after the desk and chair were set up, the perfect person appeared

Isn't that a "Wealth Solution?"
(for both of us)?


Here's a Feng Shui Love Tip following the same concept: you need two night stands in your bedroom so your lover has "a place."  


Did you notice, I used the word using?
There is really no such thing as Intuitive or Intentional Feng Shui

Intuition works sometimes, but it really isn't Feng Shui...and if we stretch someone's interpretation, it isn't consistent as natural law. It cannot be counted on like trusting that the sun will rise. Why?

Sometimes our intuition is right-on and sometimes, "on bad-hair days," our intuition is off. I do believe, and have witnessed, lamas, yogis, and avatars to have consistent, spot-on abilities because they are so highly evolved (and because most have no hair - haha!) We are human with good days and bad days...its that simple.

Intuition is a great thing to develop. It helps you with everything in life including your Feng Shui, but it will not reap the benefits of consistent Feng Shui.

The power of Intentional Feng Shui also works sometimes but it isn't consistent

According to a popular Feng Shui Misconception, you should place Chinese Coins in the Wealth Corner"...but what if a Hurricane is coming?

In Feng Shui Mastery, even though you placed the Chinese coins with sincere and powerful intentions, the coins will have no money-enhancing influence if the wealth corner also holds natal Feng Shui energy and/or changing energies (like a bad storm -- see Better Times). of "bankruptcy and total loss."

bad feng shui

Here's a living-in-Florida analogy to explain how REAL Feng Shui works. Hurricane scientists can predict when a storm is coming along with its approximately severity and timing.

If you are smart, you can apply their expertise and take precautions such as closing your shutters...or you can pray!

If a hurricane is coming, all your best-intentional prayers will not change whether a hurricane will strike. Only taking precautions will reduce its powerful and destructive influence.

(I do believe that as a group we can use the power of intention to change the direction of a hurricane but not with current, collective, fear-based thinking -- and that's another discussion.)

Similarly, forecasters can predict when perfect weather begs you to open your windows.

Again, contrary to Feng Shui that has been popularized, Feng Shui Mastery (Yearly & Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui) is Priceless Forecasting that predicts when good energy or bad energy is coming. Intention will not change the energy in your house or its powerful influence.

House Remedies
Priceless, Feng Shui Forecasting
Natal Conditions
build sturdy house
overall Feng Shui Design


board up
move a few items to protect yourself from bad Feng Shui energies
"Divine Weather"
open the windows
move a few items to enhance
good Feng Shui energies

Intention and the Law of Attraction (OK, I said it, Law of Attraction): Keep praying, have only the best and sincerest intentions...that too is a powerful law.

Know that it is a wise person still needs to activate the Law of Attraction by taking action, starting with good Feng Shui and reducing, enhancing, and harnessing the power of Mother Nature.

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