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feng shui kitchen
I've had a Feng Shui consultation where I designed a kitchen like this!

The kitchen is so important for good health and family harmony.

  • Always position your bed, desk, and stove to have a clear view of the door and facing your Best Feng Shui Directions & good Flying Stars.
  • The kitchen: nourishing part of house that allows you money access.
  • Money is nurturing & water represents wealth.
  • The kitchen affects digestion & your nervous system.
  • If the kitchen were close to entry, you may be food oriented. Guests often come to eat. Personal Chi and wealth could be washed down the sink.
  • Your kitchen shouldn't be too close to the front door, you may grab a cookie every time you come or go, causing bad eating habits and ultimately heath problems
  • Keep the kitchen light, bright, and well illuminated. Natural light is alwayd best! Your Feng Shui kitchen is the place where you create the nurturing food that provides good Personal chi to yourself and to your family.
  • While cooking make sure you can see all the doors so that you aren't startled from behind.
  • Make sure your stove isn't directly next too the sink or refrigerator and fire and water produce steam that is too hot to handle.
  • Keep your counter tops open and without clutter: most kitchen items, even those used regularly can be put away in drawers or cupboards and still easy to access.
  • Regardless of the element of the cardinal/non-cardinal direction, the kitchen is full of fire (stove & knives) and water energy; if located in an unlucky direction (such as Ho Hai) put out the fire and fill in water energies by adding decorative earth finishes and accessories to minimize "fire and water accidents."
  • Never orient kitchen in the Tai Chi/Heart Center of your home, it will deplete surrounding energies and possibly cause bad health.
  • Design your kitchen in Best Feng Shui Locations and good Flying Stars locations too!

Incorporate your basic, Good Feng Shui too!

Good Interior Design is not good Feng Shui.
Good Feng Shui is not good Interior Design.
You can have both!

Poison or Arrows: Avoid sharp pointed buildings, wall corners, furniture or accessories pointed directly at your house, bed or desk. It is reminiscent of a cutting knife edge or a disapproving finger.

Clear Clutter: Keep every space clutter free and organized

Good Feng Shui directions: there is a huge difference between location and direction.

Discover and maximize both through your
Personal Success Map and Home Study Feng Shui Course!

5 Element Tips: Make sure that all of the five elements (fire, wood, metal, earth & water) are included in your design for energetic, emotional and decorative balance.

Bagua Map Tips: What Feng Shui Symbols are in these areas?
Consider if the room, accessories, or art is either supporting or hindering all of your Feng Shui corners: wealth, love, health, and so on.

Have your Chakras (Body energy centers) support you too!

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