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The winds are mild, the sun is bright,
the water is clear, and the trees are lush.

Jami's Garden Feng Shui published in Miami Herald
...planting lots of fruit trees in my NEW Feng Shui garden
for edible abundance. Follow the progress here

  • The exterior entry of your home or office should be open and inviting, trim away foliage that may be blocking the path of Chi.
  • Throw out dead flowers or plants, they have lost their vitality.
  • Never use dried flowers: where possible live is better than silk.
  • Try to make walkways leading toward your front door and all paths of energy curvilinear to invite good energy to flow.
  • Do not have any thorny bushes or shap edged accessories on any exterior or interior pathway.
  • Landscape should be manicured regularly not to get overgrown, cover walkways or entry, or shadow the house.
  • Where natural light is not readily available, especially in corridors and entry vestibules, make sure they are well illuminated.
  • Avoid Poison Arrows & Secret Arrows: sharp pointed buildings, wall corners, furniture or accessories pointed directly at your house, bed or desk. It is reminiscent of a cutting knife edge or a disapproving finger.
  • Always keep garbage cans hidden.

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Harmony, balance is key to creating Asian-style garden
~ GEORGIA TASKER, Miami Herald

Feng Shui Garden

Tea roses and hibiscus are from China, but growing them doesn't make a Chinese garden. There are techniques to bring a touch of Chinese gardening to Florida.

You can incorporate tenets of Feng Shui, the Chinese tradition of placing objects and plants in certain areas to increase the flow of positive energy and harmonious balance.

Feng Shui Garden

Miami Feng Shui instructor and professional interior designer Jami Lin, author of six books on the subject, explains the ancient Chinese ideas of harmony and balance by drawing a circle. Earth, represented by the color yellow, is in the center of the circle. It is the chi energy of life. At four points around the circle are the four cardinal directions.

North is associated with winter; its element is water and its color black. East corresponds to spring, wood and the color green. South is summer, and its element is fire, its color is red. West is autumn; its element metal and its color is white.

"In every vista, if you have one of the five elements or colors represented, you get a balance and interesting design," she said.

Each direction is also associated with personal aspirations. Fame is enhanced by red flowers or fruit trees; wealth by wood, green and flowing water; health by the color yellow and stone paths.

Such tips are what Lin calls baby Feng Shui. "It's a lifelong study and the learning never ends -- and it is fun to keep learning!"

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