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Feng Shui Certification, Sample Presentation
Elissa's Excellent Example

Feng Shui Interior  Design
Elissa gave me permission to use her presentation as an example for you to use to not only inspire but to help you make your presentation. I feel that it is more important to understand Feng Shui through your own home and life experience than to take an exam with arbitrary conditions. When you can apply all Feng Shui aspects together, and continue to work it every month with your own flying stars and life journey, that's when it becomes YOU to the point of being of service to others.  --JL

"You are so awesome! Thank you thank you! I am very proud of the accomplishment as well. I realize how far I've come and how much I have yet to learn. Thank goodness I have you as a guide.  You are such a wonderful teacher.  I can't wait to see all the new "elites" so you have my permission to follow in your great leadership and love".  --Elissa

Elissa, you should be proud! GREAT JOB!

Consultant: Elissa Wilds
Home: Elissa Wilds  
What I Learned 
Answering Jami's Questions
Floor Plan
Sector by Sector Analysis & Photos 
Elissa's snaps --- and NO, you don't have to be a master photographer!

Things I've Learned:

What life-problems do you want to solve: I utilized Feng Shui in my old apartment to bring a stable love relationship in my life. Now that I have that, I wish to keep the relationship strong and enduring. I also wish to utilize the elements in my new home to continue to strengthen my finances and also to help with my creativity. I have been working on a good deal of writing for both my academic pursuits (I am a part-time college Majoring in Communications/Minor in Creative Writing) and also with my personal writing pursuits. Jeff wishes to strengthen finances also, as well as continue to further his career progression.

How do you see your life in the next 6 - 12 months? I would like to see myself reaching some of my personal goals and freeing up some of my personal time. I would like to have more time for spiritual pursuits and my personal growth. I also would like to be able to get out of my current secular position and start seeing enough profits from my outside business and pursuits to give up my "9-5" job altogether.

What are your life goals? To be married, children, full-time writer, college graduate (getting close!) and financially stable.

What did you discover from studying the overlays? I realized that a room that may seem "not -so-good" at first glance, when all the schools are combined, may be better than you think.

What are your insights? I realized that the main areas of my house, under Flying Stars school, such as my bedroom, my master bath, my office area, my library area (i.e. bedroom 3 and the front porch where I sit and read) all have a theme of "success in academic and literary pursuits. That was just one of many realizations which I will outline in the full sector-by-sector analysis. Since my main concerns and focus are my writing and school, is this a coincidence? Is someone trying to tell me something? Did I not only attract into my life my wonderful boyfriend Jeff, a true soul mate, but also a man whose home was just where I needed to be to create the energy I need? Hmmmm...

How do all energies and sectors relate to each other? Everything is interrelated. By sprucing up my fame area, I can also assist the Wealth and Career areas of my life, and vice versa. But putting too much emphasis on those areas, and not an equal balance on my relationships and health area, for instance, I could suck the energy away from those areas and adversely affect my relationships and love life. (i.e. too much time working and thus neglecting my health and relationships) I find that the most important thing is balance and of course, looking at ALL the Feng Shui aspects.

How/Where will you incorporate all the energies? I will incorporate all the energies throughout the home. All the rooms should have a sense of balance with the elements, while perhaps making a point to spruce up the element of the area and its' generative element even a bit more than the others. I do this through the furniture and décor that I place there.

How are you going to Feng Shui all the sectors? I am going to go through each room and utilize all the schools of Feng Shui to determine what is lacking or needed. I will utilize color schemes and artwork that depicts the energies I need to enhance as well as mitigate.

What is the outcome? The feel of the house is lighter, more comfortable. There is a peaceful energy here and a sense of balance. I am definitely sensing a balance of energy and flow of good "chi" here.

What has changed in your life? I am finding that I am making more time for my personal interests and needs. I am able to find the time to work on my writing and am feeling more comfortable and secure in my relationships. My finances have stabilized and I am seeing a slow and steady increase. My life is feeling less "cluttered" and frantic, even though I have not actually given up any of my interests. Things just seem to run much more smoothly.

Did you make mistakes? Yes. At first, when I originally did my apartment, I had a hard time getting the use of the elements correct. With time, I was able to figure out what I had done incorrectly and was able to change it.

How did you resolve them? By further study and application of what I'd learned. Read, read, read. Practice, practice, practice. Lots of classes with Jami.

What did you learn about Feng Shui and your life? I learned that there is a total connection between the energy around me and what is taking place in my life. I can "feel" the difference and sense it on an intuitive level. When my home is uncluttered and in order, my life is uncluttered and in order. It is good to know that I truly do control what I do or do not achieve in my life. I have known this already, in a spiritual sense, as far as what my thoughts and words produce having a direct effect on my what actually appears in my life. However, now I realize even further how the energy around me - that I live with every day, also plays such a large part.    Top

Floor Plan    

Feng Shui Interior Design  Top

Sector by Sector Analysis

See the pretty palm blocking our front door? Not good for chi movement. We are moving the palm to the back yard

Feng Shui Interior Design
Feng Shui Interior Design

A fire shaped house...better for me (earth element) than Jeff (who is wood element).

See the (little bit) of fire element with the flowers and throw.  Also, lots of wood furniture to feed the element of Fire here.

Feng Shui Interior Design
Feng Shui Interior Design

Red flowers for fame and  a lucky red, lucky money frog.

SECTOR A: Master Bedroom: (South) Fire

This is Wealth in Black Sect, Fame in Compass, Accident for house energy, Accident (for Elissa), Celestial Monad (for Jeff), 9/5 Flying Stars, with the 9 energy dominant and the 2 Flying Stars yearly. This is a Yin room.

The room décor is in earth tones to denote stability in finances. (Also good for Elissa who is Earth element.) It also contains some Metal which (to us) represents wealth and it also assists with the yearly #2 affliction. Since Jeff is the Wood element, however, I did not want to put TOO much metal in here (metal chops wood). Also to denote wealth are plush pillows on the bed, a sparkly lamps with gold bases, a large Amethyst geode, some happy Buddhas, and even some coins that are part of Jeff's personal coin collection. We took the mirror above the dresser out of the room, cover the television at night with a scarf (since I can't get Jeff to agree to remove it completely from the bedroom.) The wood element is also represented here with the wooden furniture. (for wealth) (Wood feeds fire of the south!) We also use green plants in the room to help, and some flowers as well. The blue carpet brings in a bit of the water element to generate Wood. Overall there is a nice balance with emphasis put on the items/elements for fame and wealth. To avoid the Accident possibilities we keep it clear and uncluttered, but being a bedroom, this is not much cause for concern. The Fire of South is not played up here purposely since Jeff is Wood and has a family history of heart problems and genetically high cholesterol (despite the fact he is in great shape and watches his diet carefully). Instead, we have placed items here to help with our Fame, more symbolically - such as framed pieces of my writing and Feng Shui art pieces (for my Feng Shui aspirations.) When the monthly Flying Stars are negative we do not sleep in this room at all. (since we already have the yearly #2) (I had been getting one infection after another.they cleared up as soon as I started alternating my sleeping time in other rooms - I also added more metal and started wearing a gold (metal), dragon necklace pendant to bed at me crazy but it worked). We were sleeping in the SE to help Jeff combat the fire of the south (his BEST direction is SE), however, after I started getting ill, I realized that I was missing something. Part of the problem, of course, was that I was sleeping facing my worst direction. And, I was in the South of the home, i.e. fire, so no wonder that I was having fevers, intestinal infections, and digestive problems. (Jami was the one to point that lovely correlation out!) (These are some health issues that correlate with that element.) Also, my element, Earth, is the same element as the yearly #2. Also, the dominant period 7 flying star energy is 9 - also fire. Jeff, didn't get ill as he was sleeping facing his best direction and didn't have the other issues to deal with. But see sector G for more information I discovered regarding this.

Our living room...using a balance of all the elements but focusing on earth (yellows) for relationship.

Feng Shui Interior Design
Feng Shui Interior Design

Sun shaped mirror brings in fire (fire feeds the "earth of relationships) It also works to help with the fame for black sect in this area.

Picture of me and Jeff for relationship, plus a rose quartz turtle pointing North. Also, a red Buddha for fame.

Feng Shui Interior Design
SECTOR B: Living Room/Screened in Porch (SW) Earth:

This is Fame in Black Sect, relationships in Compass, Generating Breath for house energy, 5 Ghosts (for Jeff), and Generating Breath (for Elissa) has the 7/7 Flying Stars and the yearly #4. This is a Yang area and is a positive area for this period. Here, there is a sliding glass door, which I have adorned with soft fabric to close in and frame it. I've used the color yellow for the Earth element of SW. I have placed a red (for fame and fire to generate it) Buddha here along with a Chinese print since Feng Shui consulting is one area where I wish to have fame (i.e. customers!) There is also a picture of myself and Jeff here for good measure. I also have a gold colored mirror of the Sun, which reflects the entire area back again. (Incidentally, within 6 weeks of placing these items as well as completing the fame adjustments in sector A, I was asked to give an interview for the Tampa Tribune.) The yearly 4 here is prosperous and combined with all the other elements going on, a very powerful area of the house right now. Incidentally, I have a good balance of yellow, blue, and green in this room. The green is for Jeff (Wood element), yellow for me (Earth), and the carpet is blue (water, generating Wood). To help keep the chi from coming in the front door and going straight out the back, there is a chandelier above the dining table with beautiful flowers on it. Note: relationships + generating breath (doubled!) + period 7 number + yearly 4 = WOW! My love life has never been better. Even with all the stress of planning a wedding, Jeff and I are going strong! Note: one couch is facing with its back to the front door, which is generally not a good idea. However, our double patio glass door works as a great reflective (mirror-like) surface to remedy that problem.   

Feng Shui Interior Design

We're covered for children/creativity with pictures of nieces/nephews. We are using the angel theme which is great for relationships (black sect).  There is some metal here (i.e. picture frames, etc) but not too much since we are sleeping here right now to escape some of the nasty flying start effects in the master bedroom. (and Jeff is wood element...metal chops wood.) Notice the red framed print in the far right corner of the room? That is an example of using black sect Feng Shui in the micro.


(Right pic?)

SECTOR C: Guest Bedroom: (West) Metal

This is Relationships in Black Sect, Children/Creativity in Compass, Lengthened Years for house energy, 6 Curses (for Jeff), Lengthened Years (for Elissa), 2/3 Flying Stars, with the 2 dominant, and the yearly 9. The yearly 9 is no doubt helping to counteract the 2/3 affliction. This is a Yin space by nature and cannot easily be changed. I have placed some metallic items here to assist. Since the direction itself here is Metal, that also likely helps to calm the 2/3 (since metal reduces its affect). This room is decorated in an angel motif and is very soft and comforting. It has lots of pictures of Jeff and I, quite happy and content. There are also some pictures of nieces/nephews. I would say that is exactly how our relationship is at this time and we certainly both feel angelically blessed! I have recently added a bit of the color red (just a little) to assist with PASSION; since that is something we can always use at the end of a long day. Later on, once we start looking to have children, I will add some more pictures and items that represent that to us (I already have my eye on some really adorable Angel BABY figurines). The pastel colors here are already appropriate for that undertaking. Although the yearly 9 is here (and no doubt also counteracting the icky period 2 number, we are not sprucing that particular element up as this is where Jeff and I escape to when the double 2 whammy (monthly and yearly) come into the master bedroom. Remember, Jeff is wood! It is for that same reason that we have used little of the metal element for now. (Although we have placed SOME items of that element.) There is some earth element here that helps stabilize the metal of the West for Jeff. Once the yearly 2 moves out of our bedroom next year, and the yearly 1 moves in, we will be able to redecorate this particular room to be more beneficial for the Children/Creativity (i.e. metal) For now, it works for us as a temporary fix to get out of the master bedroom, since we have the bed facing one of Jeff's best directions, I am sleeping in lengthened years (times 2) and he is sleeping in lengthened years (x 1) - the lengthened years of the house should help counteract his 6 curses here.

We've used some green with plants, rugs, etc. for wood (wealth) and of course you can also see the earth element brought in to soak up some of the water overflow (since it is our bathroom). Pictures of mermaids are on the wall - thriving in the water.

Feng Shui Interior Design
Feng Shui Interior Design

Our kitchenette uses a lot of the wood element as you can see from the green shutters and plants. (wealth).

SECTOR D:   Master Bathroom and Kitchen: (SE) Wood

This is wealth in compass, family/health in Black Sect, Severed Fate for house energy, Harmony (for Jeff), Severed Fate (for Elissa), the 5/9 Flying Stars with 9 taking dominance, and yearly #6. It is a Yang room by nature. Our biggest concern here is that our wealth is literally "in the toilet." However, the yearly #6 has no doubt been assisting us since our finances this year have been better than ever. The Wood of SE is already magnified since there is much water flow here, being a bathroom/kitchen. (Water feeds wood!) In the bathroom, we have decorated with things that thrive in water, i.e. mermaids, fish, dolphins. The colors are blue and tan and most recently, green. (Less blue, more green.for Wood.) Tan to represent Earth, bring stability, and soak up some of the water that might "flush" our finances down the drain. (The less water the better so that we can spruce up and support the fire of period 9.) We keep the toilet seat in the separate toilet closet down at all times with the door closed. When not in use, the bathroom door itself is closed to prevent the energy of the room from flowing into the bedroom. We keep this bathroom especially neat and clean. When the cleaning lady comes she is told to pay extra attention to both these rooms and she does so. The kitchen is decorated in greens and blues and we have relaxing, serene pictures here of tropical paradises and calm scenes with lots of trees and wood furniture, green plants. (Wood for wealth) This is to assist in calm dealings with family and loved ones. Interestingly, money seems to be popping up that allows us to take Caribbean cruises and beach trips - our favorite things to do. Of note, we are thankful for the good yearly energy, which seems to be helpful with the house Kua of severed fate and my severed fate. Next year the yearly 5 comes in here. We are already registering for some décor that is more Metal in nature to combat this next year. (A good way to use our wedding registry!)

Dining area using yellows (for earth). See the chandelier? It is a good chi mover. We always have flowers here to bring that good chi to our main health area.

Feng Shui Interior Design
Feng Shui Interior Design

Just another view. Those pictures on the wall are "Joy" and "Long Life." Perfect for the health area, don't you think? And there is our lovely angel atop the shelf...
watching over the house - and us.

SECTOR E: Dining Room: Center

This is a main Health center for the home and as such is kept very neat, tidy, and bright to keep the chi moving. It is the 4/1 flying stars and a Yang area by nature so the 1 dominates. This is a very positive influence. The yearly 7 here is also good. This is usually where Jeff sits to work when he brings his work home with him.probably a good place with the yearly 7 (great professional success) flying through. There is good lighting with a bright chandelier and colorful flowers. Jeff frequently brings me fresh flowers as well (the sweetie!) and I keep them in this area too. I also have prints in here that say "long life" and "joy". We utilize place mats with earth tones to keep the element of earth here.

This is a dim hallway. I have utilized a bright picture to pull chi into the area. You can also see a crystal, hanging in the doorway to the right. That is to help pull chi into that room as well.

Feng Shui Interior Design
Feng Shui Interior Design

Metal framed prints (to pull in the metal element) and the color yellow for earth. (earth generates metal.)

The library. Note that there is lots of metal here too, metal desk, metal picture frames, the color black. Also, since this area blends into Sector I (career) along the far wall, that is where I have chosen to hang my certifications, etc...especially my Feng Shui certificates since that is the path I'd like my career to take. Also, see the mirror on the left side of the desk? So I can see who is coming up behind me - it corrects the fact that my back is to the door (but I wanted to face my best direction)

Feng Shui Interior Design
SECTOR F: Guest Bathroom: (NW) Metal:

This is Children/Creativity in Black Sect, Travel/Helpful people in Compass, Celestial monad for house energy, Accidents (for Jeff) (we put down skid-proof mats just incase!), Celestial Monad (for Elissa), 3/2 Flying Stars, with the 2 dominant, and 8 yearly. This is a Yang room by nature. Again, the metal of the NW probably helps a good deal with counteracting the period 2. Not to mention the yearly 8 helping out. This room being a bathroom, although not good for Black Sect or Compass, is at least helped by Celestial Monad for the house energies (and for me!). Neither of us has seen our travel hindered as we do so frequently. And as far as Helpful People go, well, they seem to come to our aid just in time. Although, it does seem that we have to go through some arguing and tough times to get them at the office (the 3/2 at work!). Once it does come through though, it does in a big way (the yearly 8!) I had a very negative, disgruntled supervisor at work who was making life very difficult for me, however, she was replaced this year by a wonderful new boss! Jeff lost some bad employees and gained some great ones this year! (Talk about helpful people!) And of course, I have been able to get even further in my Feng Shui studies with Jami! Lots of helpfulness there! We have kept this room in a Celestial design to indicate "the sky's the limit/anything is possible" since that is what that design means to us. It has also brought in some really great people in our personal lives who are very metaphysical to assist in those areas. Once we are ready for children, we will likely add something to that effect to this room or change the design entirely once that is our foremost focus. For now, it works. We, of course, keep the door shut and the toilet seat down. We have used gold metal picture frames and some metal knick-knacks here (for the metal element of NW), and have also used from yellow (earth!) to generate the metal element.

Feng Shui Interior Design

The green/metal wind chimes hung on our door to enter into the kitchenette. Metal to help with the nasty flying stars yearly 5.

SECTOR G: Garage: (East) Wood

This is knowledge/self-cultivation for Black Sect, family/health for Compass, 6 curses (house energy), lengthened years (for Jeff), 6 curses (for Elissa), has the 6/8 Flying Stars, with the 8 dominating and the yearly 5. Since this is our garage and is Yang by nature as Jeff works out here, laundry is done here, etc.this is bringing in the best energies of 6/8. To counteract the yearly 5, I have created a green metal chime that hangs on the door and anytime you open it to enter the home you are followed by tingling chimes. Also, when the garage door goes up/down it creates a metallic sound. (I suppose we could oil it, but for now it suits our purposes J) We have recently thoroughly cleaned out and organized the garage and Jeff has hung pictures on the walls of calm, serene places with lots of greenery. I also hung some metaphysical type pictures since this is the area where I wish to continue broadening my knowledge. We also rarely enter the house through the garage anymore (and I don't at ALL as you'll see below) as we don't wish to bring in the yearly 5 energies with us. In front of the garage we have some nice bushes with flowering plants to attract positive energy. Now, back to my illness problems earlier this year: this sector includes the house Kua energy of 6 curses and my own 6 curses. It also is dominated by the period flying stars of the number 8. My personal number is 8 so whatever is here will affect me greatest. And the 8 is earth energy (my element) and the same as the nasty #2 energy in the bedroom. The number 5, worse personal misfortune is therefore, going to hit me the hardest. Now, take into consideration that I actually did get sick approximately 6 times (over and over for months.) So I was walking through the garage, through worst misfortune and 6 curses (doubled) and carrying that energy with me to the bedroom where I slept in sickness. This is a great way to see how one sector and the energies represented there, can correlate to the another.    

Utilizing the earth element via pillows and throw on the couch, as well as the valance.  The couch has burgundy colors in it (for the fire to feed the earth element.

Feng Shui Interior Design
SECTOR H: Front Door/porch/Study: (NE) Earth:

This is Knowledge/Self-Cultivation in Compass, Career in Black Sect, harmony for house energy, harmony (for Elissa), Severed Fate (for Jeff), 1 & 4 Flying Stars, with the 4 dominant, and yearly 1. This is a yang area by nature and will remain so. Note that these excellent Flying Star energies are definitely working for us in this house. Being a part-time student with straight A's so far this year, the #1 is clearly evident. Work for both of us has yielded large pay increases and increased praise this year. Note that we have a large palm tree that was overwhelming the sidewalk to the front door. We cut some of the branches back to allow chi to move more smoothly to the front door. We also have flowers planted to draw energy and a wind mobile. Inside the study (which is more Yin than the front door area) is where we keep our computer and we do spend a lot of time here (working on homework for me, writing projects for me and Feng Shui for me - work related pursuits and sports interests for Jeff). I have a framed picture in here of myself writing since this is where my writing is mostly done - for motivation. Since that is also something I would like to form as part of career for me, it makes sense here. I have recently added more earth element to this room, some large real crystals at the front door, and we are planting some red flowers out front (fire generates earth) and it helps bring more chi into the home! I feel comfortable here since the direction is Earth (as am I). NOTE: We have found an interesting issue arise for Jeff that is easily illustrated from the energies in this sector. Jeff's personal Kua number is 4 (the dominant number for the period flying starts.) He finds that he has a hard time balancing his career so that he has time for self-cultivation. (Note that career and self-cultivation are both represented here) This area also has a lot of the wood element in it (to support #4 AND Jeff).the added Earth element (to balance the energy here and bring in knowledge/self-cultivation) should help him with this issue.

Feng Shui Interior Design

See the metal windchime to draw chi (metal generates water) and in the right side of the picture there is blue, glass wind mobile to assist. (blue/glass = water element). This is the area where I will be putting a fountain to assist further with the element of water (career).


SECTOR I: Library/Bedroom Three/porch/front yard: (N) Water:

This is Career in Compass, Travel/Helpful people in Black Sect, 5 ghosts for house energy, 5 ghosts (for Elissa) and Generating Breath (for Jeff). It is also 8/6 Flying Stars, with the 8 dominant, since it is a Yin room by nature, and is yearly 3. This room is used as a Library, meditation, and extra workroom by me. I have a lot of books on metaphysical subjects, including Feng Shui. I like to do any kind of ritual work in this room as I feel most strongly in here, any type of spirit assistance. (For obvious reasons! i.e. the house energy and my own 5 ghosts!) We have framed pictures of our diplomas and certificates here since this is Career. I also have pictures of angels and several different types of figurines that represent energies I hope to have present as my "helpful people" here, i.e. Kuan Yin, Buddha, etc.The 8/6 here no doubt helps counteract the yearly 3 although I have felt its energy here somewhat.particularly when coming to terms with what to spend my time with Career-wise. I do spend much time in "emotional conflict" over what path to take in that regard as I have so many different interests. The desk is metal, so is the lamp. I also do have numerous metal framed pictures, etc. which all should help balance the yearly 3. Also, the water element of this direction is helpful for Career. The water element is also represented in the blue décor and carpeting. I also have a nice, black fountain here that I use often. Generating Breath here for Jeff makes this a good area for him especially.and indeed his career is flourishing in this home. Note that this area expands outside the house and we have placed a table and chairs where we spend time outside reading, writing, thinking, etc. We have some metal wind chimes out here since metal generates the water of the direction and therefore Career. It also helps with Helpful People (black Sect). Note that I placed some color yellow and actual crystals here (it is where I keep my cabinet full of them) to bring in the earth element and support the period 8 energy. Of particular note is the beautiful palm tree that hangs just between this sector and sector H. It blocks our front door (not good in many respects!) but it also make it very clear why I feel so blocked in my career of late. (And remember that it affects me more due to the 8 energy there (my personal element.) Regretfully, we know will have to remove this tree.


I have used crystals and pictures to pull energy into dark areas, such as the hallway. I have checked the surrounding houses for poison arrows and luckily did not really find much since most of the houses are the same shape/size as ours is. The one house that did have an eave that sent a poison arrow our way, is blocked by our palm tree in the front of the house. Inside the house, there are some, since we have some high, arched ceilings. Luckily, none are really hitting anywhere vital (i.e. in our heads, etc.) and we don't sleep beneath any. We try to sit in our best directions whenever possible, at the dining room table, at our desks, in our bed..sometimes it is not possible for both of us to be able to do so, so we usually compromise by who utilizes the area the most, whom the area means the most to, etc.We are working on our screened in patio which runs the length of the back of our house and affects many important areas. Lots going on with decorating (as much as you can on a patio) to bring in the right elements. It's a small part of the whole, but still counts!

All in all, I have been VERY happy with the results that Feng Shui has brought to me so far. I have certainly come a long way from my tiny apartment, my single life, my dead end job, and being financially strapped. It has only been a little over 3 years since I first Feng Shui'ed my little apartment and look what has been accomplished in that short time! Coincidence? Hardly!  top of page

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