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Feng Shui Yearly Bagua Map
This is your Feng Shui "House Astrology" Yearly Chart
for Priceless Forecasting ALL year!

Maximize YOUR Life-Potential this Year...
and Benefit with Mastery-Level Feng Shui

Feng Shui Bagua Map

Learn how your Feng Shui
CHANGES every year on Feb. 4th!

Exclusively yours,
customized to YOU
and YOUR Home...

Your Yearly, Flying-Star Success Map
provides result-oriented solutions
to serve you all year long!

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With good Feng Shui every YEAR, you and everyone in your home or office will feel and look better, everyone will have more energy.

Professional efforts will be rewarded
as you make more money and acquire more wealth by working smarter not harder. Relationships will be improved with more love. Your will have less stress and life will be more joyful.

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yearly success map

About YEARLY Energies

Your Yearly Feng Shui Flying Stars change every year with some good energies and bad energies. Every year, each of the 9 unique and influential energies fly or move around each room in your home.

Discover what Heaven Energy Flying Stars are in each of your rooms for the entire year!!

Deepen LOVE in your Bedroom

Graciousness & Ease or
Reduce Arguing & Bickering?  

what are good sheet colors for this year?
would it be best for bed to face another direction?

Increase WEALTH in your Office
Enhance Great Success and Opportunity or
Reduce Severed Fate and Bankruptcy?  

should you move a few desk accessories?
would it be best for desk to face another direction?

Improve HEALTH in your Kitchen
Enhance Family Harmony & Health or
Reduce Pain & Sickness?

what are good colors for dish cloths?
would a silver toaster be better than black?
should you sit in a different chair to eat?

Your Yearly Success Map answer these questions!

Take Advantage of this POWERFUL Yearly Resource.

Reap your BEST personal Life Potential all year long.

How much would you expect to pay for this in-depth
Masterful, long-term, Yearly result Feng Shui?

feng shui teacher

I have paid over $300 a day for the same masterful training that I am providing you and that doesn’t include airfare, hotel, or travel expense.

If I was teaching all of these secrets to you LIVE, you would pay $998 and spend 5 days in a classroom (as hundreds of my student have.)

I have paid over $250 an hour for private lessons with several Feng Shui masters.

I have even heard there is a four year School that costs over $1,000 per year...and even after 4 years you still don't know the Secrets of the Best Directions or Flying Stars...that's over $4,000! And you don't get the most Profound Feng Shui!

I am not kidding! Check it out!

Thanks to computer wizardry,
I am offering a "give-away" price

I am also happy to create a Yearly Bagua Map for you and provide
the analysis during a $153 p/hour Feng Shui consultation
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learn feng shui
I happily promise fast and easy Feng Shui decorative solutions for improving your life for the least amount of money possible. If this isn't the most affordable and comprehensive Feng Shui guidance, or if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund every penny of your money within the first 30 days. No questions asked!

You have nothing to lose and good Feng Shui to Gain!

yearly bagua map

Still not convinced that the Yearly Success Map isn't:

the finest, most affordable way to Maximize YOUR
Life-Potential this Year...

...AND enjoy the BONUSES that come with your Yearly, Flying-Star Success Map to BENEFIT with result-oriented solutions all year long!

that's 365 days:
Feb. 4th to Feb. 3rd!

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Order right now to receive MEGA-BONUSES!

Jami Lin's 18-page "Yearly"Advanced-Master Recommendations E-booklet that includes

Retail Value: $153 per hour if Jami Lin provided these recommendations to you personally.

1. Details on how to Create:

  • The best possible year: with where and when to move some of your favorite table top accessories.
  • A beautiful, decorative Feng Shui home.

2. Jami 's teaches you important details between:

  • Location and Direction significance. Sitting, Sleeping, and Standing considerations.
  • Energies of quiet rooms (bedrooms) and active rooms (living, dinning, family rooms, kitchens, and offices)

3. In Jami's Master's Recommendation booklet Discover:

  • How to enhance the most critical energy of all: your front door
  • How Feng Shui masters prioritize and compromise energies 

 4. Jami Lin also provides:

  • Tons of Decorative Suggestions Ideal examples of how to position
    your rooms and furnishings.
  • How to Maximize your Feng Shui with advanced "Macro & Micro" considerations

If you are (at all) interested in Feng Shui, for just pennies a day...

Benefit NOW and get started Living YOUR Potential
with Your Custom Yearly Bagua Map

Let's Summarize... when you order your Customized Yearly Success Map, you'll be able to:

• Orient solutions to your home’s facing direction, making it easy to identify each room and energy within your home.

• Activate favorable energies to further benefit from them and reduce unfavorable energies so they are not harmful.

• Apply ideas on how to combine Natal Bagua Map, Daily, Monthly, and Yearly energies to benefit completely from a comprehensive analysis: the same way that the world’s finest REAL Feng Shui consultants combine the energies!

Again, You have nothing to lose and ONLY everything to gain!

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Yearly Success Map

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Yearly Success Map

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Yearly Success Map
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